About 5280 SURVIVORS

5280 Survivors is the vision formed by the Executive Director and Founder of  Victim and Offender Mitigation Initiative, Inc. Sharletta Evans lost her 3-yr-old son to a drive-by shooting and she received ample support from friends and the community and once the funeral had ended people begin to fade, day by day, month by month,  year by year and Sharletta noticed that she was not the only mother that had suffered such a tremendous loss and felt the same way that she felt, all alone.


That is when 5280 the Denver Colorado signet 5, 280 feet above sea level.  Survivors? We are survivors we shall rise above the most traumatizing, paralyzing event that could ever happen to a mother. 5280 Survivors gives victim families, mothers, and fathers a sense of belonging and the ability to turn their pain into possibilities.


We are crime survivors that are utilizing our experience to give back to our community while building trust again. We have found that some of the most courageous efforts come forth out of the cry of the victim which leads them to a place of survival where now they are thriving to make a difference through the things they have suffered


Networking through Collaboration to build a strong coalition for crime survivors and victims of Colorado
To alleviate and diminish the severity of emotional anxieties caused by guilt and pain due to grief, loss, harm and
un-forgiveness by survivors of violence committed by victims and offenders.
Statewide Clearinghouse of Direct Services
* Aurora
 * Park Hill
 * Montbello
 * Commerce City
 * Colorado Springs

Our Moms

The voice of change to be discovered. The voice of pain to bring forth possibilities. The moms are so connected to mother earth longing and yearning to be well versed. The desire to express the sorrow inside not finding the words of comfort for their lives. The key is connectiveness, relationships, and support. Dialogue, and justice restored the need to be understood, heard and not forgotten. The goal of 5280 Survivors is to not leave you to grieve, alone.

Sharletta C Evans

Casson's Mom



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