Workshops, Trainings & Circle Groups

Circle Groups: Bi-weekly & Monthly
*Responding to Community Trauma Circle
* Masking Grief  Circle
* Relationship Building Circle
* Who Am I Really? Circle/ Self  Recognition/Self Care
* Safe Space Circle
Training Classes: Monthly
* Legislation Coaching/how to testify on a bill that you support or oppose
* Restorative Justice Introduction
* Victim Compensation Edu
* You, Your Children and Spouse/Grief/ 
Workshops: Quarterly
* Roots  of Youth Violence/ Mental Health
* Financial Security/Credit Repair/Investments
* Victim Assistance/Victim Notification/Court Trial Support 
 6 Stages of Grief


1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance 
6. Guilt
Stages of Grief
The stages of grief are real and the feelings and experience can come at varied times in varied ways. People experiencing similar losses may have the grieving process affect them in different ways. It is appropriate to say "Your loss and pain are your personal experience.'' (Even if we have suffered a similar loss.)
* Join the Coalition & Build Community
            * Join the Steering Committee * Be a Team Leader/ Community Liaison
    * Fight for your cause  


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